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Interviews [3]

What bands had an influence to you when you decided to be a musicant?
-I was listened to Rockabilly and 50ies rock’n’roll,and in the beginning we played covers of Iggy and The Stooges,Ramones,Kiss,New York Dolls,Dead Boys. I guess those bands who succeeded in staying cool over the years and kept the mystery around them alive still matter for us- AC/DC,The Cramps,Motorhead and many more.
Recently you played some acoustic show,was it your idea?
-Yeah,I tried to show that we aren’r a metal band and we don’t play electronic.For the first we are rock’n’roll band based really on rock’n’roll and rockabilly,especially when we play acoustic song they can sounds like rockabilly of 50ies.
Well,in the new album "Back In Blood” you come back to the old sound...Why did you choose it again?
-I like to keep things simple and when I decided to do a record that is all about vampires and these kind of things. Of course these things are repeated like every song nearly has something to do with blood and undead. But that is of course on purpose it’s not like I’m stupid and I don’t even see how simple things work. That’s like pop art in that way I’m repeating that. As we are touring I always try to do sightseeing and going to museums and I went through the gothic-churches of course way back then. I went to Pittsburgh to the Andy Warhol museum because he’s from there.I just realized that lots of things that I do has really the same principles of recycling, repeating, bringing back some simple things ….that helped me to understand myself, why I do this things and how I do them. But everything is on purpose and I’m aware of all these things. There is a song called "Kiss me Undead” and there is "Dead Girls are Easy” and something and most of all it’s fun.
As far as I know the director of this video was Bam Margera?
-Yes and he also took part in our newest video "Dead n Gone as an actor and as a director” too.I love to work with him.
"Back To Blood” was recorded in L.A.But last year you almost don’t touring anymore.Just few shows in Finland.Why?
- I don’t like touring anymore much, I’ve seen that. But I like meeting people and I like to do strange things or say stupid things on stage. It’s fun to confuse them, I like to confuse them. I get them confused. I like that a lot. If we where only in the studio I couldn’t probably not do that. It’s fun to see the reaction. I enjoy both, studio and live. Being creative is something that never goes away. It’s a need, like the need to exercise for instance - it’s a need you need to use someway. Playing live is also being creative on stage. I’m curious to see who wants to see us.
Then tell me what do you do when you are not in tour?
- I got back to drawing,I do sports – jogging,but I try to keep away from the internet actually. I like to draw a straight line, we’re an oldschool band and I’m an a fucking old guy and I’m not interested in making new friends through the internet. I meet enough people and have my friends already.So I wanna people know that all these profiles are just fakes,it’s not mine.
Interviews | Views: 2997 | Date: 11.03.2010

So the first question is about bands which you started listening to first?
Joe: Metallica,Death,Morbid Angel…It was a big shock to discover such music.

What was a reaction of your parents when they’ve know that you an Mario decided to be a musicants?)
Joe: Our father is an artist himself, so he couldn’t really tell us to get a job. He kind of ignored it at the beginning, then he became a fan.And mother was really supportive.

You have a very creative family indeed!
Joe: Yes (laugh)

Well,what you write first-music or lyrics?
Joe: with the last album, we already knew the subject and issues we wanted to write about so sometimes we were just composing a song and knowing that it was about a certain subject.But most of time the music comes first.

When are you planning to release a new album?
Joe: Maybe before that we’ll do a DVD.And probably an album will be recorded in 2011 only.
Your brother Mario is also in the band.Is it difficult to work with brother?
Joe: it isn’t easy,because we know each other well, but we always end up talking and overcoming the tensions and become closer and closer.

Which instruments you can play?
Joe:Well,I started at 7,then I played piano,later I played guitar,songs of Metallica an Sepultura in my room.I was trying to reproduce them.

By the way,how did you get involved with Cavalera Conspiracy?
Joe:They called our bass guitarist,then they need a bass player and singer at the same time.But he couldn’t sing,so I decided to go to LA instead of him.And we recorded guitar and backup vocals there.

What countries you didn’t visit yet?
Joe: We never play in South America and Japan,so it would be great to have a tour there.I think we’ll do it with a new album.
Interviews | Views: 1847 | Date: 08.03.2010

It is possible by right to name your album "34,788%...Complete” the most experimental ...

-We had many strange ideas and we have decided to realize them on this album. We knew from the beginning, that fans will apprehend it ambiguously, but we did not want to change the style.


Many people regret, that you didn’t to use a violin anymore.

-This all spoke! We didn’t search for the violinist specially, but I can please every our fan-on a new album a violin again will sound.


Probably, the most stupid question-why you have named band so? Did you have other ideas?

-Our band has been formed practically for a day. First there were two variants of the name-Mt Dying Child and My Dying Bride... The second variant more approached to romantic and tragical idea of music.


Whom do you consider as the competitors?

-Undoubtedly Anathema and Paradise Lost remain our competitors till now. But a good competition always only on advantage.


Do you remember how you recorded your first album?

-We were happy to record our first work and as a whole record of this album was very easy. Probably was so?because we all have been aimed at one result.


I has been surprised having heard on a new album a song in Italian "Santuario De Sangue”.

-We from the beginning used not-English names, it adds mysticism.


Many magazines name you a satanic band, what you can tell in this occasion?

-Probably people have no the slightest representation about satanism. Our music has no attitude to any religion.
Interviews | Views: 2508 | Date: 04.01.2010

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