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Thursday, 22.02.2018, 12:01
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Metaltix Metal Travel Tiketti

Well, today was the last day of Tuska Festival and it was really great weather at least :). Anyway the line up was awesome, especially today, because it's cool that th headliner of the festival was Alice Cooper. He always bring the best show! If you was there hope you enjoyed it too :)

All pictures you can see clicking on the link http://armyofhell.org/photo/tuska_2015/21

Reads: 1241 | Added by: Darylin | Date: 28.06.2015

The New Year just began and now I can upload some photos of Helldone:) It was 3 awesome days with such bands as The 69 Eyes, Childen Of Bodom, Reckless Love, etc and of course HIM.

P.S.: it was nice to meet Kari Valo again :)

Link to the photos: http://armyofhell.org/photo/helldone_2014/20

Reads: 1053 | Added by: Darylin | Date: 03.01.2015

Well, at least I can write here something new, because it's time to go to Helldone! :) All pics I will shoot there you can see a bit later in the beginning of January.

So today is the first day and I'm gonna see the shows of Rambo Rimbaud (this is a project of Ville Valo, if you don't know still ;)), The 69 Eyes and Paradise Lost.

Lets the party begin!

Reads: 1092 | Added by: Darylin | Date: 29.12.2014

So, as I promised HERE are some photos of The 69 Eyes anniversary show in Tavastia. Can't upload all pics at the moment, but I'll do it next week.

It was really awesome night, and I'm impressed of the show still:)


Reads: 1137 | Added by: Darylin | Date: 12.09.2014

Today you have a chance to see 69 Eyes 2 times in Tavastia (all ages show at 3pm, and 18+ show at 8pm) and also Jyrki69 will sing in Bäkkäri bar for us. It'll be an aftershow, so don't miss it, I promise it'll be an awesome night :)

See you there today!:)

Reads: 1094 | Added by: Darylin | Date: 06.09.2014

Just got some really good news about Helldone, this year HIM will be play only single concert and of course it will be in the New Year night. But in other days you can enjoy of the next bands:

29.12 The 69 Eyes, Paradise Lost

30.12 Children Of Bodom, Reckless Love

and of course 31.12 HIM, Kuolemanlaakso

Tickets will be on sale at 1 p.m 08.09.2014, so hurry up to grab your ticket as fast as possible ;) Besides the usual tickets there will be a limited number of VIP.

Reads: 1331 | Added by: Darylin | Date: 01.09.2014

Don't forget that you can see our pics of Tuska in our metal gallery. Check this out right now ;) 

Reads: 1360 | Added by: Darylin | Date: 11.08.2014

I'm happy to tell you that this september The 69 Eyes will have 2 shows in legendary Tavastia club. And it means you can see more pics here :)! By the way it'll be the 25th anniversary of the band.I remember that first time I saw them live was 12 years ago, and I was just a 16 years old girl)) The show was at Nosturi club and it was so amazing for me to see this band for the very first time) So now you can find me at Tavastia, 6th of september and also I'm going to Bäkkäri  bar for a hangover ;)

Reads: 1245 | Added by: Darylin | Date: 05.07.2014

So, today's the first day of the best metal festival in Scandinavia and maybe even in all Europe :) It's awesome to see Dimmu Borgir here again, and of course Children Of Bodom. Don't forget to check our site a bit later for photos and additional info)!


Reads: 1152 | Added by: Darylin | Date: 27.06.2014

Finally I uploaded pics of Helsinki vampires The 69 Eyes and New Year's concert of HIM). All photos you can find in our metal gallery- http://armyofhell.org/photo/him_tavastia_helldone_2013/16
Watch and enjoy!=)

Reads: 1335 | Added by: Darylin | Date: 06.01.2014

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